Keep Your Customers Engaged During Crisis – Marketing and Sales

Keep Your Customers Engaged During Crisis - Marketing and Sales

During times of crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for your products or services among your customers may vary from usual. special attention is required to maintain a relationship with customers and channel partners. Businesses are rapidly responding to changing customer needs while dealing with financial and operations challenges. In some sectors, customers are giving more importance to e-commerce when it comes to buying something. 

In such difficult times, understanding customer behavior and maintaining a sales pipeline is critical. On the other side, such disruption can be a great time to find new ways to reach your customers. You can work on different scenarios to bring diversity in your business, adopting the business environment changes rapidly. Some of the considerations are as follows

  • Anticipate changes in customer buying behavior and look for different ways to reach them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new methods and adapt them if they don’t work as expected. 
  • Embrace technology, even if you are not using it in your marketing strategy before. Prospects always look for the relevant content that they can share. It is not necessary to have marketing interactions on the internet just as transactional. 
  • Some of the products and services may be in demand at this point in time and, in this way you would have to change your distribution and delivery methods temporarily. 
  • While practicing social distancing, people are spending more time on social media. You should look for the things you can do on social media or connect them with the application they are using for business. 
  • Scenario Planning will be key during the disruption. 
  • Revise your plan on a daily basis as the news evolves in your area. 

Communicate with your customers

Customers look at your business to get clear, brief, and accurate information about any changes you are adopting during the pandemic. You should communicate with your customers and help them by sharing practical information timely. You can provide them practical details as 

  • Provide details to your customers about changes in product availability and delivery details. 
  • Tell them about your change in business hours, location, work from home, events, services or products. 
  • If it’s financially possible, then show concern to your customers by no-fee cancellations, extending payments, or offering reimbursements. 

Customers may also want to know what precautionary measures you are adopting to limit the spread of COVID-19. Use social media pages or direct emails to communicate with your customers, suppliers, and partners. You may use a special website page to provide them the necessary updates. For external communication, you can 

  • Track FAQs and publish feedback
  • Provide consistent messaging across all platforms
  • Stay aligned to your brand
  • Monitor reviews and respond. 

Get Started with e-commerce

Disturbance in business operations is often a catalyst for change and innovation. With physical distancing, businesses that are not operational online may figure out the basics of e-commerce. 

E-commerce can be a complex agreement. But a new website can help you to reach the maximum of the customers and allow them to continue communication and transaction with you, assuring all the physical safeties. Complexities like integrating inventory management software and analytics come later. There are some resources that help you to get started with e-commerce. 

  • Marketing Plan. 
  • List of top-selling products or services.
  • A web developer

A basic e-commerce site with your products or services is the initial to start and expand your online business. E-commerce considerations for the future may include: 

  • Routine SEO 
  • Integration of inventory management software and web orders
  • Customer personas
  • Cross-channel promotions (via a website and social media) 
  • Data analytics tools
  • Email automation