Is Technology Making Us Less Productive or More?

Is Technology Making Us Less Productive or More?

With each passing year, we see the release of hundreds of new technologies and trends around the world. In today’s hyper-connected world, such emerging technologies are meant to help us achieve our goals and make our business run efficiently. We are now dependent on applications and software for all of our work and are certainly spoiled for the information, variety, and function. The technologies and tools save our time on tasks that are repetitive, make our business efficient, and ultimately get us done more every day. But, does more technology equate to more efficiency? Is technology really making us more productive? 


No doubt, some technologies have really helped people become more productive workers. There is no reason to fear technology that helps us become efficient and complete our work in less time – such technology benefits everyone. For the majority of us, working a whole day without a laptop, smartphone, or computer is just unthinkable. First, we should understand the productive potential of new technologies and the greater efficiencies they can unlock. This is best seen in the manufacturing industry where new technology can allow a factory to churn out a greater number of products per hour. In this industry, the technology can be accessed well, easily understood, and tracked to ensure it doesn’t come with unintended consequences. But, unfortunately, not all forms of technology offer such straightforward benefits. 


When it comes to technology automating operational tasks, it is difficult and mundane. You can figure out a way to allow a task to be done without human intervention and forever leave it to focus on other tasks that are more productive. Automation is more complicated than we think. Sometimes you spend far more time automating the task than you would simply do it. A developer spends 2 minutes doing a task where you can spend 4 hours putting effort to automate it. Automation where beings benefit to some extent, there are some unforeseen consequences as well. 

Technology is very much what you make of it, and undoubtedly, it brings infinite possibilities of doing things in an easy way. Technology helps us do jobs effectively, faster, and more accurately. One thing is must, the tech is not able to do our jobs for us. It is very important to pay attention to which apps, software, and hardware innovations you are using in the workplace. Where certain technologies help us immensely, some can utterly destroy all our professional efforts. 


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