Is SugarCRM a Best Fit for the Education Sector?

Is SugarCRM a Best Fit for the Education Sector?

If you are running an educational institute or a training center, you will often know that instead of students being omnipresent it is as difficult to get them enrolled as to move the mountains. You only need to know which students are genuinely interested in the institute programs that you offer, and to get enrolled. Only after then you can make a way to make sure that students are targeted to increase the profit. 

Why do Educational Institutes require CRM tools?

Educational Institutes are always under pressure due to many factors like immense competition, dropouts, companies coming for hiring, funds, etc. On the other side, students tend to face challenges like high tuition fees, fewer jobs with great competition, and learning new skills. To understand and overcome all such challenges, educational institutes must adopt a system to analyze the trends and issues in the education sector and among students using various sources like surveys, social media, and other resources. The system must be able to improve institute and student relationships so that they improve the services and benefits by having a 360-degree view of the customers’ (Students) data. 

There are several colleges and universities all over the world that use SugarCRM to understand their students’ needs, increase profit, and to communicate with students. 

How SugarCRM can help the Education Sector? 

SugarCRM can be the best fit for educational institutes and can improve their admission process as well as student and alumni relationship management in a better way. SugarCRM provides out-of-the-box features for different stages of business including Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support. 

Marketing – Campaigns, Email Marketing, Leads, Web-to-lead form

Sales – Contacts Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes, Forecast

Customer Support – Bugs, Knowledge Base, Self-service Portal, Cases

SugarCRM system can be used for filling up forms, applications, maintaining databases of students who are interested in a particular course, managing reports, feedback, and grades. It also assesses the progress of students when they get enrolled in the university. SugarCRM can be used to understand the market and help to focus on certain demographics. This tool helps colleges and universities to streamline their processes and to become productive. 

SugarCRM not only focuses on students but also alumni, parents, donors, and others who can help an organization in increasing the profits. Parents can be contacted using SugarCRM. It helps to tackle the queries and concerns of the parents and encourage them to pay attention to extra courses and frills. Once the students graduate and leave the institute, they can be contacted via Alumni association meetings and can be engaged for raising funds. In the same way, donors can be contacted using SugarCRM and thus boost the revenue of institutes. This tool helps to increase profitability and margins. 

SugarCRM is being used by well-known institutes like SIM University, ROC, Eindhoven, Ottantaventi, and many more. The Catholic University of Lyon has also begun to use SugarCRM extensively. If you are looking to get assistance in choosing the right ERP or CRM, do hesitate to contact us at any time.