Integrate your Salesforce with Slack

Integrate your Salesforce with Slack

Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM tools, while Slack is one of the most popular cloud-based collaboration platforms for workplace communications. Together, Salesforce and Slack can streamline communication across your key organizational teams and drastically improve customer relationships.


Salesforce is among the world’s leading customer relationship management companies that allows businesses to use cloud-based technology to better connect with customers, partners and potential customers. Salesforce CRM has become the top software for customer success and helps businesses track customer activity, market to customers and many more services. 


Slack is a workplace communication app founded in 2009. The app allows users to collaborate easily and removes the ‘app fatigue’ that is associated with various other collaboration apps. This team collaboration app consists of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Apple, Salesforce Chatter, and Yammer. 

This integration works a little bit different from other integrations. You need to install the Salesforce App within your Slack before doing the other way around, in order to receive/send notifications and execute commands without any restrictions. After installing both the Apps, you will need to assign the needed rights. Slack requires access to the Salesforce API, hence it’ll only operate with Salesforce’s Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer Editions. 

Before doing the installation process in your production Salesforce instance, Slack suggests integrating it first to Salesforce in Development Mode or Sandbox to make sure all the functions are working properly.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Slack

Here are the key benefits of Salesforce Slack Integration. 


While closing a deal, various departments such as Sales, Technical Teams, Customer Service, Finance,and others get involved in it. There, communication plays a significant role. With Salesforce Slack connection, you can make sure all the team members are up to date on lead’s status. This smooth communication decreases confusion and offers all stakeholders a clear picture. 

Information Update

Salesforce and Slack integration ensures the user never misses an essential update on a lead or customer information. In large organizations where there are hundreds or thousands of leads and customers, it’s easy to miss key developments. Thus, it can be avoided when all the necessary data or updates are delivered directly to your Slack account. 

Integrating Apps

It is inconvenient to switch between Salesforce and Slack every time you need any information and also, it costs large organizations thousands of dollars each year. With Salesforce Slack integration, you get all the information on one platform. 


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