Integrate SugarCRM with Office 365

Integrate SugarCRM with Office 365

Today, omnichannel communication is preferred in every type and size of the business to excel. Customers must have access to the business via web, phone, social media, and email. When a lead or a query comes in through Microsoft Office 365, it should be translated into SugarCRM in no times. Integrating SugarCRM with Office 365 eliminates double-work as well as reduces the risk of data loss. Moreover, the integration automates the support cases and lead creation, keeping your customers informed with the updates through emails.

Sugar Connect helps to link customer experience activities with the apps that we most use. It brings customer conversations into email and calendar apps so that the CRM and other apps can be updated without manually entering the data every time. Sugar Connect automatically synchronizes customer and prospect data with Microsoft Office 365 and extracts the relevant information while interacting with the customer and prospect.

Here are some benefits of integrating SugarCRM with office 365.

  1. You get contextual information while interacting with customer
  2. Save time on data entry
  3. Personalized emails in run-time
  4. Easily track activities
  5. Insights of the customer in your emails
  6. Update sugar across office 365 apps including events, tasks and calendars
  7. Track Metrics 
  8. Synchronize and access shared calendars
  9. Archive important emails to sugar

If you are spending a lot of time on updating database in your CRM, emails and calendars separately, and looking for some outstanding integration, we are happy to tell you that we can help you to do smart work with Sugar Connect.

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