Error-free details of each employee – Maintain a complete employee database with HR module

The methods and procedures that link information technology and human resource management (HRM) are referred to as ERP HR modules. It is used to coordinate employee hiring, manage personnel, and resolve problems with hiring, recruiting, departmental assignments, departmental collaboration, salary generation, performance management, allowances, and increments.

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Key Features of HR ERP

Advantages of HR ERP

Faster Collaboration and information sharing

The integrated HR and payroll administration module's advanced capabilities allow you to track each employee's work hours, including their most efficient time, breaks, departures, and absences. It ensures the accuracy of shared data, boosting overall results and facilitating cross-team communication.

Attendance and Leave Tracking

To make it simpler to manage your employees' requests, the system keeps track of their leaves and provides thorough leave profiles for each of them. Integrated attendance systems also make it possible for you to accurately evaluate a worker's productivity in terms of working hours, overtime, and arrival time, among other things.

Employee records up to date

An automated ERP system ensures that all employee data is updated in the associated HR and Payroll modules. The technology enables you to quickly examine and extract the data because it is immediately visible.


The HR and Payroll module gives you access to a sizable database of employee data after connecting to your ERP system. In addition, the system will assist you in citing sources and locating data more rapidly while you're trying to write reports.

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