How To Improve Campaigns In Microsoft Dynamics CRM


One of the most popular and focused upon feature in the CRM is campaigns. For many organizations marketing campaigns are the primary reason for adopting a CRM in the first place. Microsoft dynamics CRM has moved a step forward in campaigns in their 2015 version however the digital marketing campaigns still require improvements so marketers can set down effective metrics and measure the exact ROI of their campaign.

An Overview of Campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Dynamics CRM users know that there are two types of campaigns in their CRM called “Campaigns” and “Quick Campaigns”. The Quick Campaign is for small sized campaigns focused on a single list of the people and Campaign is for relatively extensive marketing projects with focus on multiple lists. Below is a comparison of these two:

a. Campaigns:

• Allows you to execute multiple activities
• Can encompass multiple marketing lists in the CRM
• Features Email templates
• Comprises built in metrics
• Designed for long term campaigns
• Allows better planning

b. Quick Campaigns:

• Limited to a single list of contacts in your CRM
• Email templates
• Quick execution
• No built in metrics
• Allows a single activity type

What more do you need:

Both Campaigns and Quick Campaigns are very impressive tools in terms of functionality and efficiency however they do not provide any specific metrics to calculate the results of your marketing. You can send bulk emails to your contacts but in the default CRM settings there is no way to measure how many of them have actually received and opened those emails.

The Solution:

A recent solution our team at Tech Implement has built takes the campaigns to the next level. It allows you to schedule the emails for a specific time so you can orchestrate your meetings across different time zones with incredible ease. This smart scheduling also helps you to create maximum impact of your marketing campaigns by sending the right message at the right time.
It also allows you to track the emails you have sent to your client. You can view the information like the email was opened or not and how many times it was opened.


This amazing functionality not only adds a lot more value to your marketing campaigns by smart scheduling but also lets you calculate your ROI through credible metrics so you can refine your email marketing strategies for better success.

For more information about improved campaigns, please email at info@localhost