How CRM is taking CX to Next Level.

How CRM is taking CX to Next Level.

Some businesses merely exist whilst others actually live. The only businesses that stand the test of time are those that are alive and kicking, paying full aware of the trail of experiences they are leaving behind.

  • Is Really Customer Experience Important to Business?

Customer eXperience (CX) is the top priority of today’s successful businesses. Sooner rather than later, CX will become the brand differential parameter instead of the product or price.

86% of customers are willing to pay 25% more for a better customer experience.

According to PWC research, 1/3rd of customers abandon a company after a single bad experience.

Everybody knows that in the long run all factors like economy and market will balance out except for the one called Brand Loyalty. A loyal customer base will continue having the biggest and most powerful impact towards success of a business over the short or long run. Customer of today will leave no stone unturned researching products and vendors before making a decision. They have options from around the globe and post-purchase they are able and often quick to share their good or bad experiences with everyone on the internet. To add to this, customers want everything right away, served well. With all of these behaviors working in favor of the modern customer, businesses now have no choice but to win by experience vs. product.

The one platform to tackle all aspects of CX is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. With a wide variety of tools, integrations and features available in CRM systems it is becoming easier to design customer journeys be it a patient, a retail customer or a large cooperation. CRM came to be known as a tool with a 360° view of each customer. This is now changing to a 360° of the customer journey.

How the CRM systems helping to Enhance Customer Experience?

1. Consistent Customer Experience

CRM standardizes processes to deal with the customer. Relevant customer journey designed in the CRM ensure that winning experience every time a customer gets in touch. CRM gives you an ample opportunity to have definite processes to deal with the customer’s mind and behavior. Precise product quality and service process help companies to grow and go a long way.

2- Address the Customer not the whole Audience

CRM allows you to easily personalize your communication with customers. Emails can be easily customized according to the requirement. You can effortlessly change the subject line as well as the body of the email. Customer name in an email can create a quick interaction with the customer. Moreover, people are more likely to open their emails when it comes to the discount offers or by looking at the impactful subject line.

3- Pay Attention to what your Customer wants

In the CRM system, you can have all the information regarding your each customer. In-depth reports, history and all the information helps you to identify what exactly your customer wants.

4- Provide Customer with Relevant Information

As CRM provides a 360° view of customer data, this helps you to help your customers with the information that is relevant to them. Like when you are known to the customer gender, age, location, industry and interest, then you are more proactive in creating strategies that will work for you and your customers as well.

5- Discounts for the customers (Promotional Campaigns)

CRM systems help companies to get in touch with their customers by sending them the product information or promotional emails by providing them with an incredible feature of Marketing Automation. It is usually observed that whether customers get back or not but the continuous marketing leave a strong impression on customer’s mind.

6- Quick 24/7 Customer Support

CRM helps you to respond back to your customers with their queries as fast as possible. It has built in automated features that send an email template to the customer that their request has been received and quickly process the inquiry. Chatbot integrated with CRM provides a whole new experience of customer support by understanding, evaluating and discussing the matter with customer.

So the CRM is a powerful tool beyond our expectations. It can be discover as much as we want. CRM helps companies to streamline their workflows and customer to have an incredible experience, resulting in making favored and long lasting customers for company.