Extend your CRM into an Enterprise Contact Center

Extend your CRM into an Enterprise Contact Center

Business applications that work best for business processes and provide the required outputs are essential for business survival these days. Likewise, customer relationships are the heart of any business. CRM helps companies to maintain optimal customer satisfaction.

Business owners look for modern integration capabilities that let you leverage the enterprise software investments and existing customer service infrastructure with your new customer engagement system. Modern integration is just a connection between a CRM system and your contact center software that helps the team and processes work efficiently while transferring the data between systems.

The best CRM system is one that can easily be integrated with the existing contact center software.  Your contact center software is the primary source of customer interactions, while the CRM system is the primary source of customer information across various channels. Integrating these two separate and individual systems for better customer dealing is very essential for any other call center. 

Benefits of Integrating CRM system and Contact Center Software

Integrating the CRM system with contact center software extends the value of your CRM data. It helps you pass the customers to agents who can best resolve their problems and provide the relevant information to agents so that they can successfully handle the issue. 

Furthermore, mapping contact center interaction data to your CRM system gives you a more clear picture of the customer journey which ultimately helps you make better business decisions. 

Here are the benefits of integrating CRM system with contact center software

Customer Satisfaction

By integrating contact center software and CM system, you can deliver effective, convenient, and more personalized customer services. CRM can help you identify and understand the customer before starting an interaction. Customers don’t need to provide their personal information and past interaction history at every interaction as CRM saves all the customer data which can be accessed and managed by agents at any time. These CRM capabilities help both the teams and customers with fewer efforts and more customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can also prioritize the customer query depending upon the premium partnerships shown by the CRM.

Agent Productivity

Agents have to spend less time navigating and searching customer data from separate applications, as all the information and tools are available at their fingertips. It eventually increases significant agents’ productivity. By integrating click-to-dial capabilities from within the CRM system reduce the agent effort. It automates data synchronization between systems and eliminates agent after-call work associated with manual system updates.

Average Handle Time

CRM and contact center integration enables you to shorten call length and helps you identify the customer before every interaction. Hence, it identifies the best and quickest resolution dispensing upon the specific customer interaction.

Less Wait Time

By shortening the average handle time on interactions, agents can take the next query/interaction sooner, hence shortening the time customers wait to talk to agents. CRM also lets you identify which customer can be routed to the self-service option, their wait time can be eliminated entirely this way. 

First Call Resolution Rate

CRM data helps you connect customers to the most qualified agent for the first time. It increases the ability to resolve the interaction in the very first interaction and reduces the number of transfers, consultations, and follow-up calls.

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