Engage your learners remotely with e-Learning technologies amid COVID19

Engage your learners remotely with e-Learning technologies amid COVID19

Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. Events are being canceled, travel is being cut down, and everyone is preferring to stay at home. Following the status of COVID19 as a pandemic stated by the World Health Organization(WHO), the educational institutes are moving to virtual classes these days to ensure social distancing. e-Learning has become the preference to continue education from home. Teachers and students are not only connecting through video-enabled remote classrooms but also using interactive tools on a single platform. 

e-Learning is very beneficial as it is instantly accessible and offers flexible scheduling. At the same time, we can never forget its societal benefits during crises like pandemics. In this article, we are introducing a few emerging technologies in e-learning to help educators and school management system by providing quality education remotely. 

Artificial Intelligence: 

AI is one of the most discussed topics in educational institutes, the technology which provides the most personalized learning. AI allows you to find the best course material depending on your identity, interest, and way of learning. AI is replacing traditional classrooms with a student-oriented approach. It can rank students based on their performance and give real-time suggestions to improve the overall performance. Artificial Intelligence helps to keep track, report and monitor the performance of the learners. 

Mobile Learning: 

Mobile learning or M-Learning is the method of learning from your personal smart devices, smartphones, tablets or even a laptop. The learning materials are accessed by downloading it into the device or online. It allows students access to learning anywhere, anytime. 

Virtual and Remote Laboratories: 

Virtual Laboratories are web applications that copy the operations of real laboratories. Virtual laboratories can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the presence of a physical system. It enables students to practice in a safe environment before using real components, thus it has been determined that 80% of the students who use virtual laboratories score higher in examinations compared to a control group. On the other hand, it reduces teaching time. 

Student data privacy and security: 

During the time of pandemic COVID19, when most of the institutes are moving to online education, it must be taken seriously that the students’ data is secured. Many times, they may need to share their personal information with many online services. That data gets misused sometimes. Secure e-learning helps protect the student data from being hacked and ensure their security. It includes host security, malware prevention, network security, etc.

e-Learning with Taleem Portal:

With so many educators moving to online classes during COVID19, it has become important to ensure that instructors and trainers are armed with the best tool. Tech Implement presents Taleem Portal that helps schools increase learning achievement and decrease drop out rates promoting e-Learning. It has created a room to help the school management system with the flexibility, the portal can access from anywhere, anytime.

Taleem Portal is a web portal where teachers can share education material with students easily. It helps to engage the students remotely during coronavirus. We used cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to provide a platform where all the stakeholders come together to make the best education sector. We are making education fun and interactive for students.