Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Intelligent Solution for Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Intelligent Solution for Manufacturing Industry

Improving customer experiences, the big data analytics, and the impact of machine learning are few factors leading transformation across the industries. The rise of automation has also captured the manufacturing industry to reckon with, to make it a smart factory. Industry 4.0 sees every machine and device connected by a common platform that analyzes, learns, and drives insights from the data to improve efficiency. 

Data analytics and machine learning are the two driving forces for the manufacturers to successfully build up the pillars of digital transformation, which can help them to operate well in this new era of industry. Artificial intelligence is already making a difference in how manufacturers are handling the data, managing operations, and making decisions on the basis of forecasts. Centralizing the data is increasing the transparency that helps manufacturers to communicate better at both ends of their supply chain. 

Manufacturing IndustryManaging and analyzing the huge amount of data generated by operations and your customers is such a massive task. Organizations need to work on artificial intelligence to get the opportunity that big data represents. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Industry

During an industrial revolution, cloud computing is digitally empowering manufacturers of all sizes to revive their operations using accessible, affordable solutions like Dynamics 365. Typically, manufacturing is the process-heavy based industry, but now it is changing the way the behaviors as improving customers’ experience is also important to excel. 

Comprehensive, cloud-based apps are present that divide the silos into the front and back-end processes present in business software. Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers gain clear visibility of the process, unify operations, and engage with their customers. 

Here are the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing the manufacturing industry into ‘smart-factories’.

1- Streamline Asset Management

To manage the manufacturing company’s assets is crucial. But now like the idea of a connected factory has become a reality, companies are able to better manage their assets to gain better value. Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to monitor their equipment efficiently. Performance and machine lifecycle information can be accessed at any time, anywhere, and resolve issues remotely. Moreover, Dynamics 365 with IoT-ready parts, helps manufacturers develop more efficient equipment. 

2- Optimize Supply Chain Operations

By combining business data, supply chain data, and public data in a system diffused with AI and machine learning, allows manufacturers to adapt to changes and developments, helping out avoid the wasted time and resources. It also helps to create more accurate schedules, budgets, and forecasts, as well as cloud-based solutions like Dynamics 365, which provides real-time information to the right person working the supply chain to make a better decision. 

3- Improve Customer Experiences

Dynamics 365’s intelligent, centralized platform allows manufacturers to respond and adapt changes at any point in the cycle. For example, users can edit or update orders at any point in the production cycle, utilize multi-level production orders, and update ‘what if’ scenarios to be prepared for the changes and predict the efforts. 

4- Enhance Innovations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers great insight into business operations, highlighting the areas that can be optimized. All the information related to product, customer, and performance analyzes in real-time. Using that information, manufacturers can quickly react to the changes and improve the way of working accordingly. 

5- Digitize your Operations

Dynamics 365 is an intelligent, centralized, and cloud-based solution. It offers a single platform to manage their entire operations, making processes faster, collaboration easier, and more pragmatic reporting. Moreover, it enables manufacturers to keep customer engagement at the priority. Digitalization with Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to find automated digital solutions to practical solutions like inventory management and equipment maintenance. 

6- Make better use of Business Data

Dynamics 365 combined with AI helps manufacturers with actionable insights from their data. They, then make predictions based on previous actions and events to stay one step ahead. It enables them to forecast and plan more accurately by looking at the data behavior and predict demand amid different seasons and market trends. Hence, the predictions can optimize the outputs, and eliminate wasted resources wherever possible. 

7- Increase Profitability

The whole purpose of streamlining workflows and improving customer experiences is to make the manufacturing business more profitable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to make their services better, faster, and customer-focused. It enables them to reduce errors, eliminate waste, and provide value to customers, all of which result in high profits. 

Dynamics 365 apps for manufacturing business are 

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (now. Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain)
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

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