Dynamics 365 Business Process flows Vs. SugarBPM Process Automation

Dynamics 365 Business Process flows Vs. SugarBPM Process Automation

Dynamics 365 Business Process

The business Process flow is a custom entity and instance os a process stored as a record within that entity providing a visual representation of processes. Each record is associated with Account, Contact, Lead or an Opportunity.

Business process flows help to define the set of stages. Each stage contains a group of steps and each of the steps represents a field where data can be entered. You can make a required step so that the user must have to enter the data of the corresponding field before proceeding to the next stage. This is known as “stage-gating”.

Business process flows do not contain any conditional business logic except the streamlined experience of data entry and stage-gating. So, when you combine with other processes and do customizations, they can provide many benefits like time-saving, increasing user adoption and reducing training costs.


SugarBPM Process Automation:

SugarBPM process automation increases productivity across the organization by providing tools designed to automate critical customer-facing processes. SugarBPM enables the Ultimate edition customers with the automated business processes that provide increased productivity. These automated processes provide the ability to manage customer experience effectively.

Users can easily design and deploy the business processes using a visual design interface and each process supports the complex decision cycles using effective rules to optimize routing and approvals. Each user can receive, analyze, and react to template-driven notifications via a wireless device, web browser, or e-mail system.

Configurable user dashboards help to capture tasks, sales workflows, and monitor process status. Process monitoring and audit tools provide fast issue troubleshooting.