Difference between ActiveCampaign and Sugar CRM

Difference between ActiveCampaign and Sugar CRM

ActiveCampaign is a complete marketing platform through which you can grow your business steadily. Its email automation and sales tools provide you the necessary help required for great results. The email automation can unlock the true potential of your contact list. It becomes easier to turn leads into customers and get your users more engaged. You are able to send targeted emails to high-value prospects and enjoy the full capability of a CRM platform. The company was founded in 2003 and it is ideal for the small and mid-sized organizations.

Sugar CRM is a web-based application with thousands of users around the world. It provides sales automation, account management, contact management, and customer management tools to its users. It is built on an open-source platform which presents wide customization possibility to get the best out of it. It also has the capability to integrate with a number of third-party applications increasing its capabilities as a CRM.

There are few similarities and a lot of differences between both of these CRM solutions. We would be focusing on the advantages and disadvantages both of these systems provide to their users. Analyzing ActiveCampaign and Sugar CRM in such a way would help us to pinpoint the major differences in a short period of time.

Advantages of ActiveCampaign

  1. It has a really user-friendly automation platform.
  2. There is no setup fee for the platform.
  3. Provides you a number of pointers to create better workflows.

Advantages of Sugar CRM

  1. Extremely scalable to suit the growth of any organization.
  2. You can install it on premise if you don’t want to rely on a cloud server.
  3. Wide customization capability to suit the needs of any kind of business.

Disadvantages of ActiveCampaign

  1. Few Dashboard customization possibilities.
  2. There is no landing page builder.
  3. Email builder and the CRM has limited options.

Disadvantages of Sugar CRM

  1. Creating custom reports is quite a lengthy procedure due to reporting dashboard’s limited functionality.
  2. Customization needs time and few financial resources depending on how many functionalities you are customizing?
  3. The User Interface is not that intuitive and attractive.
  4. There is a requirement for an up-front commitment of 10 users and a year.
  5. It has a painful Email Campaign Design feature.


It is evident from reviewing the brief differences between ActiveCampaign and Sugar CRM that the preference depends on the needs of your organization. Both of the systems have quite a lot of useful functionalities that can impact your business in a positive way. If you are a small or mid-sized organization heavily dependent on email marketing then ActiveCampaign would be a better choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a mid-sized or a large organization that is growing rapidly and needs overall customer management assistance Sugar CRM is the solution for your problems.