Customer Care Accelerator for Dynamics CRM 2011


Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been around for a long time now. Even though timely CRM upgrades in organizations are fairly common, it’s very often the case where organizations are still using CRM 2011. This may be because of budget limitations or simply the fear of not fixing-what’s-not-broken. Both are real world problems and have significance. The impact unfortunately is that end users never see the coolest latest features they keep hearing about in MS Dynamics CRM. The work efficiency stays the same and users may feel frustrated too.

Like many other new features of Dynamics CRM, the great innovation from Microsoft – the Unified Service Desk (USD) is not available for any organization still stuck with CRM 2011 simply because USD does not understand CRM 2011. Integrating telephony therefore is a challenge. The original version of USD called the Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) is not supported by Microsoft any more. So for growing business the choice is between a rock and a hard place i.e. Either to upgrade the version of CRM 2011 to a later version OR downloading an archived version of CCA and configuring with existing CRM 2011.

More often than not, the latter is the preferred option as it’s cheaper. This may cause a lot of headaches to the IT support staff because they will not find any help easily for CCA on the internet or with Microsoft.

However not all is lost. We have experience of working with CCA and developing highly customized CTI applications for organizations using CRM 2011. So the experience of end users is smooth and call centre agents have a greatly improved experience with a completely customized CTI tool.

Please contact us on to get support for CCA – info (at the rate of) techimplement (dot) com.