CRMs for Universities


CRM’s in higher education bring a lot of value for all stakeholders. Universities like to have a firm understanding of their current and prospecting students and what they are thinking and feeling. Dynamics of University-Student relationship is very complex and very different from a typical vendor-client relationship. Universities like to keep an eye on things like whether the marketing is attracting the right students who are then being enrolled in the right programs. Eventually they prefer those enrolled students graduate after completing the program with good standing. To be honest this complete semester/1 year/2 year/4 year or 6 year relationship is impossible to track without good CRM.

There are typically several touch points with the student, starting right from an Education fare where the student first learns about the institute down to student being an applicant and then an enrolled student. As alumni the graduates have great value for Universities who want to approach them for funding or helping current students.

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