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Creatio products and solutions to manage customer-facing processes, and deliver a delightful customer experience. As your success partner, Tech Implement takes complete responsibility of your solution development, deployment, integration and support. We’ll optimize your business performance with Creatio CRM solutions.

Your Main Asset Needs Your Best Performance

In current competitive marketplace, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have created the opportunity to compel customer allegiance and competitive advantage. Whether it’s about responding to online applications, automating a call center, or managing user complaints, little initiatives can create stronger customer allegiance than developing ones that influence your customers directly.

Empower Your Teams and Improve Efficiencies

Our Creatio solutions provide every industry a competitive advantage to improve customer service and speed up the process of attracting new customers. By connecting silos of information in an organization, Creatio brings together support processes that provide an entire customer view. This way dull and manual processes can be completed in just few minutes or hours which usually take days and weeks.

Take Advantage of Our Deep Expertise

With access to the talent of hundreds of technology experts at Tech Implement, let’s expand your business possibilities. At Tech Implement, We facilitate businesses with flexible CRM customization, integration, implementation, training and support to better connect with customers, optimize processes and engage more prospects.

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Better connections – at Every Stage

Tech Implement services help you better understand your prospects and improve customer experience in real time. We’ll get you more visibility, and facilitate informed decision-making. Get in touch, so we could give you our assessment of your needs.

Advantages of Creatio

Creatio is a PROCESS DRIVEN CRM that aligns your marketing, sales, and services to build a revenue model. The three different components of Creatio are shown below along with their respective roles at different stages of a project. This wholesome approach, backed with a powerful business process engine at the core of Creatio makes it a very powerful CRM system.

The key features of Creatio

  • An interface that is much simpler than other CRMs
  • Easy customization features for users
  • Deep customization features for developers
  • Agile customization tools for analysts
  • Allows automation of non-CRM processes as well
  • Complete Product Management features
  • Features to categorize and segregate data
  • Easy integration with phone systems

Rely on a Trusted and Official Partner

As an official partner of bmp’online, Tech Implement can help you across the path. We’ll help you better understand your prospects and improve customer experience with state of the art CRM solution. Get in touch, so we could give you our assessment of your needs.

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