Business Process Management and Re-engineering

Business Process Management and Re-engineering


Business Process Management and Re-engineering is a new concept when it comes to developing countries. Many a times a successful business is a result of sheer multi tasking of the owner. Rather than a streamlined set of activities, the business is run in a fire fighting mode where every day comes up with new challenges that are handled on an adhoc basis by the people in the management.

It is indeed a miracle that several large businesses in Pakistan are able to serve their customers and maintain healthy relationships with them without proper processes. The usual solution proposed to these businesses is getting a CRM system which can iron out all inefficient processes and miraculously bring ‘change’ in the organization. Whereas many CRMs come with a promise to accelerate customer relationships, a key success factor is often overlooked.

A CRM can only be as effective as the underlying processes that back it. In case there are no processes behind the CRM, the CRM stuggles to bring any improvements to any part of the organization. Many present day CRMs have tried to handle this by adding Process Engines to their existing architectures. Acting more like after-thoughts, the process engines add another layer in the CRM doing some good but often come in with a reduced ability of introducing processes for sales, marketing and services. The end result is poor utilization of process management and an ever lasting frustration for business users not to mention lost ROI.

Bpm’online is the only CRM that boasts process management and design at its very architectural core. With the complete CRM designed around the process engine, bpm’online fits right into any organization and cuts down effort usually required to adapt the other CRMs. Based in Lahore, we are ready to introduce bpm’online to businessea spread all over Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Please contact us to learn more about how your business can quickly become streamlined and profitable.