Build Omnichannel Experiences by Integrating SugarCRM with Amazon Connect

Build Omnichannel Experiences by Integrating SugarCRM with Amazon Connect

In today’s competitive world, it is important for your business’s survival to engage and respond to your customers wherever and whatever they prefer. An omnichannel approach to customer experience has become essential for business success, and to meet the expectations of today’s customers. The combination of SugarCRM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unlocked the paths for the omnichannel response as well as AI-powered engagements. 

SugarLive is an integration with Amazon Connect offering chat, text messaging, and voice for omnichannel customer service and support. SugarLive offers simple, fast, easy-to-deploy solutions with omnichannel capacity integrated within a customer service console. The platform seamlessly embeds Amazon Connect communication tools and customer contact center into Sugar Serve, to offer exceptional, omnichannel support offering with just a few clicks. This integration enables the customer service team to effortlessly track and prioritize customer service interactions. 

Integration between SugarCRM and Amazon Connect allows companies of all sizes to have a cost-effective omnichannel customer service solution – the solution that is easy to administer, deploys quickly and minimizes up-front costs. This integration is one example of how Sugar’s extensive use of AWS technologies enables cloud products into their IT portfolio without any investment in proprietary technologies or even learning them.

Amazon connects provides incredible benefits when integrated with SugarCRM. The list is below

  • Service Level (SLA) of 99.99%
  • Pay per user 
  • No payment for licenses, neither by software nor by number of agents 
  • Capability-based addressing
  • Unlimited scaling 
  • Required hardware: Headset and microphone
  • Required software: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Make changes and put them into production in few minutes

Amazon Connect offers a library called Amazon Connect Streams that helps to incorporate the agent panel (CCP) into any web browser. The Sugar Serve platform with the help of SugarLive offers contact centers access to modern support approaches like AI-powered automation and self-service portal. 

Tech Implement can help you integrate SugarCRM with Amazon Connect to build AI-powered omnichannel experiences.

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