Benefits of Using Social CRM

Benefits of Using Social CRM

A Social CRM is your CRM software integrated with social media platforms, allowing your teams to leverage social information to understand and engage customers, gain market insights, and provide better customer service. 

When it comes to consumer behavior on social media these days, it has evolved like never before. It is no longer just about posting photos or sharing updates of a day, social media has become a powerful way to actually influence people towards a business. From company profiles to reviews, there are a lot of ways to let people know about your business. Apart from using social media as broadcasting only, it’s also a great space to engage with your targeted audiences and use it as a listening tool. 

These days, users now expect quick replies, great personalized customer service, and engagement with brands on social media. To make all of that engagement easier, it is difficult to provide the best customer service via emails, messages, and calls, without using social media. This is where Social CRM (Social customer relationship management) tool comes in. 

Social CRM helps companies in one or more of the following aspects 

Customer Service: Using CRM, companies can respond to customer’s queries, complaints, and compliments in real-time. 

Engagement: Companies can engage with customers and prospects on social media directly from CRM. 

Social Selling: Sales teams can manage and qualify leads based on social media data and behavior. 

Insights: Companies can easily understand trends in customer behavior, customer service comments, and other insights using social CRM.  

Here are the following surprisingly amazing benefits of using Social CRM. 

Improve Processes

The primary benefit of CRM integrated with social media is additional transparency into your customers and sales processes. It can exceptionally improve processes across your lead and customer interactions. It helps you centralize all your efforts across all forms of customer outreach including phone, website, email, chat, and social. 

Gain Productivity 

Social media gives you a bundle of insights related to customers’ demographics, behavior, firmographics, and leads. Such insights significantly make the process of qualifying the leads and closing deals efficient. By using customer data from social media, CRM helps sales teams to work effectively and bring productivity. 

Internal Communication 

CRM allows your sales, marketing, IT, and service team to coordinate and communicate easily in order to share information. It makes sales as well customer service easy as the information is well transferred from IT dept to other teams. Every individual with access can view real-time updates to customer records from any device. 

Competitive Intelligence

With social CRM, companies can monitor competitors’ customer conversions to find the factors like sentiments and share of voice, which can be used to improve the marketing strategy. 

Build Deeper Relationships

CRMs integrated social media provide a “live stream” of insights into your customers’ interactions with your business over social media like life events and job changes. You can use those updates to personally congratulate them and take them as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

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