Benefits of Using Mobile CRM

Benefits of Using Mobile CRM

Mobile usage has increased immensely for a few years. Sales teams around the world have to go out to meet potential customers, leading to the emergence of the need for the mobile sales force. Because of this, businesses looked for mobile CRM to meet the sales requirements. 

Mobile CRM, or Mobile Customer Relationship Management, is a CRM tool designed for smartphones and tablets. Such CRMs allow the sales team to access customer data anytime by using a mobile CRM app or web-based browser with cloud CRM. One of the major benefits of mobile CRM is that it allows sales reps to access customer data even when they are on the field with customers and prospects. The customer data is at your fingertips all day and every day. In order to provide assistance to the sales team so that they can deal with prospects properly and can close the maximum of the leads, there are a number of other benefits too of using mobile CRM. 

Increase in productivity

There are several time-saving and cost-effective features and functionalities in mobile CRM for the business benefit. CRM apps can be used to schedule meetings, appointments, review notes, enter data, and follow-ups. Having all these features in one mobile app lets your team put fewer efforts and focus more on the end result. This allows them to spend more time on selling rather than managing paperwork. 

Improvement in data quality 

When sales teams use CRM on desktop, they usually have to wait to come back to the office from meeting with the customers to enter the data into CRM like meeting notes, updates, and customer’s contact information. Most probably, the sales reps may forget most of the information when they come back to the office. Mobile CRM allows real-time data entry so that no information could be missed or even the customer can review and confirm that information on the spot.

Increase in sales

Having the right, organized, and easily accessible information at the right time helps a lot of sales reps in closing deals. Mobile CRM allows you to spend more time interacting with prospects and customers, and building relationships, and less time spends searching for information. According to Innoppl Technologies, 65% of sales reps who work at companies with mobile CRM have achieved sales quotes with comparison to the 22% of sales reps work with traditional CRM systems. 

Shortening of the sales cycle

Using mobile CRM, the sales team closes more deals with very few interactions and hence works on new opportunities faster. While this benefit can lead to higher earning potentials, we do one caution thing. Fewer interactions may make customers feel less important. Sales teams must compensate for that by adding more customer data into the CRM. The more you about your customers make your interaction even though less but more special. 

Flexibility to choose multiple devices

Usually, sales teams have different devices to work on, some may have a desktop, laptop, and smartphone devices. Mobile CRM is designed to be adopted by all of those devices, maintaining screen sizes and data syncing. This makes transitioning on and off easier for the sales team. 

Increase CRM adoption rate

As there is always a hesitation of adapting and learning new software and hardware and getting comfortable with using new systems. Similarly, if the sales teams can access the CRM through multiple devices, seamlessly finding and accessing what they need, they are more likely to see the value and want to use a CRM in general. 

Increase in competitive advantage

The competitive advantages can be gained by providing the sales teams the ability to update the CRM data in real-time. They may add notes, and automate essential workflows and notifications such as client approvals. A client/customer always prefers the company that is more responsive and knows more about them, making the interaction more personal. 


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