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Working Together


Partnership Philosophy

Tech Implement believes, by working together with companies and partners, maximum innovation and customer success can be promoted. Such collaborations potentially maximize the performance of every partner’s portfolio. On the other side, we have the core expertise and market analysis through which we help our partners in creating exceptional growth, profits, and avoiding losses.

Who do we partner with

We maintain strong business alliances with a selective group of key technology manufacturers and IT vendors. We work with industry-leading partners and technologies and utilize those partner technologies to bring our customers the highest possible level of expertise when architecting and deploying integrated solutions.

We are pleased to work with partners in a variety of innovative technologies. Those who have demonstrated a commitment to quality, customer service, and business ethics. We have a significant partnership portfolio in North America and Australia. 

Partner Projects

  • We collaborated with a large IT services company to provide the solution to the Ministry of Interior in the Gulf. The client was facing issues with the Case Management system in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Their primary goal was to have efficient business operations using Dynamics 365. Taking stock of the challenges faced by the client, Tech Implement proposed a solution, whereby the Case Management module of Dynamics 365 (version 9) would be re-designed & tailored to their needs. Since the key challenge was related to data access & retrieval, the solution was based on the development of a custom interactive dashboard. This dashboard intelligently collected the most urgent & relevant cases’ information from the database and presented it to the user for quick action. On the other hand, we developed reports that reflected the number & types of cases, up-to-date statuses of all cases, and the time spent on them/other activities. The solution also involved developing APIs for the integration of Dynamics 365 with systems under use at the Ministry. Ministry also sought our expertise to fix issues in their SOPs, and other business operations documents.

  • We collaborated with a large IT services company in Arizona, California to provide a solution to the million-dollar real estate company. We are taking care of the following things for the client:
    1. Performing Platform Updates launched by Microsoft
    2. Database restoration from one environment to another
    3. Refreshing LCS Environments and code deployments
    4. Open tickets with Microsoft in case of any issues
    5. Scheduling live updates with Microsoft
    6. LCS Environments Provisioning
    7. Tasks creation in DevOps
    8. Preparation of Health check reports of LCS environments on a daily basis


The average tenure of partners with us – 5.8 years

Why Partner with Tech Implement

Product delivery in the shortest possible time

Tech Implement has a tailored workflow for the developers to develop and deliver the desired product within the timeline by keeping in touch with the clients and meeting the deadlines accordingly. We deliver the product in the shortest possible time so that it can bring efficiency to the projects and processes.

Demo plus Trial Project at free of cost

We never make a contract with any company without building a trust level. We give our partners a demo of our expertise first following a trial project that we deliver free of cost just to make you sure about our expertise and delivery process and then we take the projects from them onward.

Best resources at the minimum cost

We believe in working with efficiency and delivering the expected and required product instead of just sitting in the market and making money blindly. We have the capacity and intentions to collaborate with our partners with the best services and experienced engineers at the minimum cost to help them increase their profit overall.

Money back guarantee

We work on productivity and excellent output. If we fail to deliver the required product or at the given timeline, then we are bound to pay back the money that we took against that specific project. We do not consider ourselves eligible for any charge for the project which we haven’t delivered by following the requirements. Hence, the probability of loss will automatically minimize here.

Let’s Work Together

Be an open, flexible, and collaborative partner.


Things We’ve Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality