Azure Integration Services

Azure Integration Services

With each passing year, things have been changing fundamentally in the world of integration. At times, there were architects and integration specialists who had integration as their primary job. Now, it is being driven by the need to increase the rate of digital transformation. All businesses depend upon mission-critical applications. Azure is built to manage mission-critical workloads and help to perform them with ease. The value gets compromised when the applications can’t be integrated with each other.

Azure Integration Services is a modular platform, where you can easily pick and choose the required capabilities. Azure-provided integrations and capabilities give huge value to the customer internally and externally. The Azure iPaaS components cover the development, implementation, and management of enterprise-class integrations.

The integration scenarios include Application to Application, Business to Business, SaaS, and IoT. Every integration scenario comes with certain challenges. The following key challenges are faced during integration

  • Each integration may have different interfaces, APIs, data sources, and formats. 
  • Some of the services are distributed and some are Service-oriented. 
  • The services may reside either on-premise or in the cloud. 

Core Benefits of using Azure Integration Services 


Improve Efficiency and Productivity 

Data is everywhere, and every organization contains tons of data. Without a central data repository, it becomes difficult for employees to manually gather data and run reports. Even if a single piece of data is missing, it will affect the whole report and reporting capabilities. The Azure Integration Services helps to provide access to the right data that ultimately improves employees’ efficiency and boosts productivity. 

Integrate, Collaborate and Eliminate Data Silos

Companies are conventionally using different platforms including CRMs, ERP, Accounting, and Finance. The unavailability of relevant data in a single place makes things difficult for the departments to function properly. The Azure Integration Services helps to integrate the data from all the siloed platforms and establish a secure, unified place to store data.

Excellent Data Quality and Decision Making 

Microsoft’s Azure Integration Services can enable businesses to improve their data quality and integrity with time. It makes the use of digital transformation relatively easier, as the data is integrated into a centralized system. The critical issues can easily be identified and hence, improves the quality of data. The accurate data results in more accurate and enhanced decision-making in the future. 


Azure Integration Services is billed according to consumption. Hence if your integration sees no traffic, you will not be charged. It enables developers to build integration workflows, connect to on-premise systems, work with messages and events, manage and mediate APIs, and use pre-built connectors.

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