Automate your Marketing Campaigns with SugarCRM

Automate your Marketing Campaigns with SugarCRM

Worldwide, the number of email users is estimated to be at 4.1 Billion users by the end of 2021. Email marketing can feel like it’s a waste of time according to your experiences, but is it really the same? A large number of companies are getting immense benefits from it showcasing their products and services. Marketing campaign automation converts missed opportunities into opportunities making customer relationships stronger, and increasing conversions. More importantly, a marketing campaign allows you to build relationships with leads, customers, and past customers. It is an opportunity for marketing agents to go directly into their inboxes and speak to them in a personalized way. The right message at the right time can be one of your most impactful marketing tactics. 

Now, How can email marketing be automated? Which tool has all the features for it?

Promoting your products/service has never been so easy, thanks to versatile and robust SugarCRM. SugarCRM has a built-in campaigns module that allows marketers to create and manage marketing campaigns for your organization. It helps you to reach out to your prospect, current and past customers without any hurdle. With SugarCRM, you can create both email and non-email campaigns. Sugar’s Campaigns module can be used to create both email and non-email-based campaigns. 

Create a campaign your way

In SugarCRM, you can create your campaigns in two ways, one by using the easiest drag-and-drop builders, and another way by coding your own templates in SugarMarket. It offers an array of tools so you can create campaigns as per your idea. 

Test your campaign 

SugarCRM offers three unique email testing options including Preview Mode, Send Test Email, and Advanced Testing. It helps you check how your email campaign looks before sending it to the list. 

Send your Campaign

In SugarCRM, after preview and configuration, you are just one button away to send out your campaign to your targeted audience. It’s just a sample!

View Campaign Status

SugarCRM allows you to view the status of your campaigns providing statistics with which you can analyze how effective your campaign has gone. 

With email campaign analytics, you can easily measure bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and inbox placement rates. 

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