An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

An Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services is a platform you use to manage, maintain, monitor, upgrade, and search for known reported issues in the knowledge base. It is the most important element of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation. It is from where implementation starts and provides tools to help customers and partners to be engaged in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation project. 

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services is a cloud-based solution that provides relevant and required tools for partners’ and customers’ collaboration in planning, managing, and operating the implementation project. Now, it has become mandatory for Dynamics 365 F&O implementation. Microsoft Dynamics LCS allows customers and partners to have a predictable, repeatable, and manageable implementation. It is built on Microsoft Azure technologies, giving the opportunity to utilize Azure capabilities in data insights for monitoring. With LCS, the customer can easily do data migration and customization between environments. 

Each implementation project must have three environments: production, UAT (user acceptance test), and development. Only the Microsoft Dynamics Service Engineers (DSE) team has access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O production environment; not even customers/partners have direct access to the production environment machine and soon the UAT.

The Microsoft Dynamics LCS offers the following services:

Business Process Modeler

This tool helps to design, view, store, modify, and retrieve business process flowcharts. In the analysis phase, it gives the ability to identify gaps in the application. By using this tool, you can achieve goals like align your business processes with industry-standard processes. You can use business process modeler artifacts with applications including Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, and Task recordings. 

System Diagnosis

It helps administrators understand and monitor Microsoft Dynamics environments. 

Issue Search

This tool is to search for product issues. You may check there which issue has been resolved, which issue is open, and which issue is under process. 

Subscription Estimator

This tool is used to evaluate customer subscription requirements for the current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O. 

Cloud-hosted Environments 

It is a tool to deploy Microsoft Dynamics environments on Microsoft Azure. You must have to select the type of environment to deploy, such as a demo, developer/test, or production environment.  

Cloud-powered Support 

It helps you manage support incidents and lets you create a VM in Azure that has the same hotfixes. You can easily reproduce and record an incident on the VM, and then submit the incident to the support team. 

Configuration and Data Manager

This tool allows you to copy a configuration from one instance to another. You can only copy from and to Environments that are managed as part of an LCS project, and run the Data Import/Export Framework. 

Customization Analysis

It validates model files against best practices as well as provides a report of potential areas for improvement. 


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