Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning

In a world where everything is automated and hyped around big data, we keep hearing about the term “Machine Learning”. Machine Learning is one of the exceptional technologies. It uses algorithms to perform functions without human intervention. Such technologies give the brain to machines in a way that they can automatically adjust and readjust themselves according to their purpose. Apart from automation and solving problems, it helps companies by making predictions and providing data to make better decisions. But, it is very important to understand where the actual use of Machine Learning is, and where to avoid it.


Let’s see what are the advantages of Machine Learning. 

Identifies trends and patterns

Machine learning means the device can learn on its own by analyzing the trends and patterns. The systems implemented in machines allow them to find solutions to problems by recognizing and evaluating the patterns in databases. It can view large amounts of data and discover the specific trends and patterns that are hard to discover by humans. 


The efficiency of technology depends upon how it reduces the time taken to complete tasks. Machine learning does just that. Since, it readjusts itself automatically resulting in fewer interruptions and thus, reduced the number of repairs due to system failures. Moreover, automatic shutdown while not in use or at a set time also helps in the conservation of energy. 

Wide applications

No matter in which industry you work, Machine learning can make things work easier for you. It can help you provide a  more personalized experience to your customers while targeting the right audience at the right time. 

Improves over time 

Unlike other machines that require software to run and adjust it, Machine learning needs little or no up-gradation to readjust itself to go with the trends. The key benefit of machine learning is predictability, with that you can foresee what future results will look like. 


With many exceptional functions and advantages, Machine Learning is still not perfect. Let’s look at the disadvantages of ML. 

Errors are frequent

Inaccuracies are common in algorithms and sometimes underdeveloped. Since algorithms are made by humans, there are chances of errors and mistakes that may be overlooked. All of these mistakes, later on, may have detrimental effects on results. 

Data acquisition

Machine Learning requires a lot of data to learn the trends and patterns. The data must be of good quality, inclusive and unbiased. 

Time and resources

It takes enough time for machine learning to learn algorithms and develop a relevance to achieve a goal. Apart from that, it may need additional computing power and other resources to be effective. 


Especially for small businesses, Machine Learning may not be the easy choice as it requires a more budget. The development of such technologies requires investments to facilitate its success. 


With all the advantages and disadvantages, now you can easily gauge if this works for your business or not. Although it is powerful when used at the right time with the right resource, still it may not be the right choice for everyone. 


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