5 Ways to Tackle Stress at Work

stress at office

Every professional spends an average of 5 to 8 hours in his/her office.

Stress and Depression are lurking in the shadows due to constant work pressure.

We can observe people getting short tempered at our workplace and it has a lot to do with the work pressure.

People are asking questions about the possibility of not getting tensed while maintaining the focus and we have tried to shortlist 5 methods to manage stress at work.

stress at work

1.      Power Nap

A power nap means sleeping for a short period of time mostly 20 minutes in order to relax during work.

It has been proven helpful to reduce stress and be more productive.

An American research has proven a fact that a nap lasting for 6 minutes can improve performance, productivity, learning ability, and reduce your fatigue and stress.

stress management

2.      Dealing with Distractions

If you have an experience of working in an office you would know that there are multiple distractions that keep you occupied all day long.

You have to reply to your friends’ messages, check your email account every now and then, reply to your Skype messages, and you have to check out what is happening on social media?

The only solution is to either eliminate these distractions or set up a response time for each one of them.

It wouldn’t hurt to check your social media accounts once a day, would it?

Manage your Skype and email response hours and inform your colleagues about it.

Gradually it will get easier.

stress in America

3.      Change your Schedule

Staying at the office for 6 to 7 hours every day can be pretty difficult for everyone.

Living in the same pattern for months and months can be exhausting as well as it can lead to too much stress at work.

You don’t necessarily need to change your office timing but you can change the way you travel.

Use the public transport or walk towards your office for a change.


fresh air for stress

4.      Breathe Fresh Air

Getting outside of your office for a while helps you decompress.

It assists you to clear your mind and start fresh. Get away from technology for a bit of time.

Notice the nature and talk to other people around you.

It would reduce your stress and give you a new perspective towards life.

stress relief

5.      Prioritize Stuff

Schedule your daily tasks according to their importance.

Without proper scheduling, you’ll always be missing deadlines for important tasks.

Try to align your personal goals with the company’s strategic priorities.

Make your list by focusing more on the projects having the most impact according to your organizational priorities.

The moment you will start following such a list you would definitely take some pressure off you.


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