5 ways to improve real-time customer service with CRM

5 ways to improve real-time customer service with CRM

With emerging technology and increased market competition, customer experience has already taken the place of key differentiators for brand evaluation i.e: Price and Product. Customer preference for the product and service which offers the best customer experience has raised the bars when it comes to customer service. 

Real-time customer care plays a basic role in giving the best customer experience to keep up the relationship with them and to maintain. No one is there to wait for you to extract the information from somewhere, everyone needs a quick response to their queries. Yet, many of the businesses still didn’t recognize the immense need for real-time customer care and they even don’t admit that they are not going the right way to deliver the best customer experience. 

In the era of critical market competition, you don’t have time to find the other ways to enhance your productivity other than better real-time customer care, there is no such replacement. 


Here are five ways to improve real-time customer service with Customer Relationship Management Software(CRM).

  1. Centralize Your Customer Data

One of the most important features of the CRM system is to provide in-depth client information. Make your customers feel valued by personalized customer care. CRM software helps to keep all the customer information in one place and gives a 360-degree view of the data so that you can see the previous history and agents can continue the conversation where it left off. 

“Making customers feel valued through personalization of service achieved through customer information and insights delivered from your customer service solution goes a long way in creating both positive customer experience and brand loyalty,” says Bill Patterson, the general manager of service engagement for Microsoft.


  1. Anticipate Needs with Analytics

According to Gartner, more than half of the agent interactions get influenced by real-time analytics. Analytics help agents with the next step and prepare them for proactively responding to the trending customer service issues as the customers’ requests to some specific issue can give a bad impact. Moreover, analytics provided by CRM help agents to perform efficiently in a real-time environment. 

“Businesses need an analytical framework and capabilities that help the agent in seconds understand who the customer is, what they’ve done before, and how to help them,” says Fluss.


  1. Sending Automated Emails

CRM systems allow you to have the quickest way to send emails to a large number of customers. It is very important to keep your customers informed with the latest news about you to make them feel personalized and valued. CRM system provides templates to deliver the information or to respond to the customers according to the nature of email, without spending a lot of time on making templates. 


  1. Resolve Issues and Complaints

Agents must be active enough to resolve the issues and complaints of the customers at their earliest. CRM system provides a ticketing system for customer complaints, that then assigned to the team members by their managers. 

CRM helps you to better deal with the complaints by learning from previous encounters. Without CRM, complaints can go undocumented between an agent and angry customers. 


  1. Increase Productivity

Despite providing features to manage customer relationships, CRM also helps with many other features to track and enhance employee productivity which u=indirectly affects the real-time customer satisfaction and revenue. CRMs have field service management features to track the performance of the employees in real-time and schedule their jobs. 


Although CRM has all those above-mentioned features to improve rea;-time customer care, most important of all is to have a training of the employees which will lead to better customer service. Companies spend a great amount on implementing a CRM system in their business but they didn’t pay attention to hiring and training to use those CRM in the fullest way.