5 CRM trends to look forward to in 2018

5 CRM trends to look forward to in 2018

CRM market might look mature, but it is continuously evolving especially due to the emergence of new technologies and variety of integration possibilities.

Businesses have to change their strategies to keep up with the clientele expectations and improving product offering.

The customers are more aware of technology these days and they are using it to find companies that offer better customer services.

Customers’ satisfaction is the rule of thumb behind every successful organization and CRM developers have to fulfill customers’ expectations to retain their trust.

It is necessary to have a look the interesting developments CRM industry is going to bring in 2018 and how they are going to affect the market.

1.       AI Workflows

We’ve been reading for years that machines are going to take over the human jobs very soon.

This is very much true for CRM industry which is experiencing a massive integration of artificial intelligence recently.

The issues in various CRM system workflows have to be tackled swiftly and AI is going to take the front seat in dealing with these issues.

Salesforce has already introduced Einstein in 2016 which is a set of artificial intelligence technologies aimed to add a smart layer to their CRM.

This new addition has made forecasting, analyzing and predicting the future sales way more effective and interesting.

AI is going to evolve in order to provide better predictions and analyze the data more effectively. AI-powered automation would certainly improve the workflow and reduce the chances of human error.

This is why it is one of the hottest CRM trends to be excited for in 2018.


2.       The IoT revolution

IoT has been creating a major impact on a variety of applications.

Market savvy CRM developers would strive to implement input processing from different devices of daily usage for example home devices and cars.

Real-time results regarding marketing campaigns, bonus offers and promotions would make it possible to maneuver strategies in no time. As the devices would be connected to the internet the problem can be identified and solved even before the customer gets to know it.

With the help of analyzing real-time data, you can change the prices of various products according to demand and reach out to customers instantly.

3.       Self-Driven CRM

This is going to be a big question for the CRM developers whether they are able to create a self-driven CRM system with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence?

In addition to self-driven CRM, the quality of self-service would surely be anticipated by a number of customers.

4.       More to Mobility

CRM systems are going to create a more comprehensive approach to tackle customers’ expectations across various devices and multiple screens.

Natural language processing technologies will be vital in up gradation of records, voice-based interactions, keeping the record of minutes of the meeting and more.

The support system will be available on various devices and the audio commands would be used to update records, analyze data, predict future sales etc.

This year will be about the technological and interaction development of a standard CRM system.


5.       Sociability

Social media has connected the whole world with each other.

From news to events, from branding to marketing each and everyone is trying to capture as much attention as possible on social media.

Customers need more sociability and engagement options with CRM. It would make social media marketing a piece of cake taking the burden off the marketing team and provide more interactive options to engage the customers.

The customer behavior and buying insights would really uplift the businesses.

2018 is going to be a revolutionary year regarding the technology and customer usage aspects of the CRM industry.

The CRM companies foreseeing the future would definitely take advantage of the integration of AI and IoT to improve their services.

Real-time responses and product tracking would make it easier to strategize sales maneuvers and provide better customer support services.