4 Ways to Remain Active in the Office

4 Ways to Remain Active in the Office

According to recent researches, it has been proven that it is really important to fight inactivity.

Most of the people working in an office have to sit on a chair for a number of hours.

Such a routine can make you a prey for a number of diseases such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published a research in 2014 and it declares physical inactivity to be the primary cause of most of the chronic diseases.

But there are a number of things you can do to avoid being a victim of these chronic diseases. Here are 4 ways to be more active in the office.

Start with the Walk

Most of us wake up in the morning pretty late, we are always being late for work, and then we get on a bus or ride to the office straight away.

In order to be more active, you have to start your day a bit earlier.

An early morning walk before going to office would be a great start of the day. Even if that is not a viable option you can walk a part of your way to the office.

In this way, you would be able to include a physical activity in your daily routine.

Approach Your Colleagues

It is a good idea to walk up to your colleagues in case of a query instead of talking to them via Skype.

Take every opportunity to leave your desk for a while and have a chat with the people around you.

In this way, you would not be sitting at your desk for a longer period of time.

Eventually, it will become your habit and you would love to move around in the office instead of sticking with the chair all the time.

Standing Meeting

All of us have to go to meetings that stretch for hours long sometimes.

Although at times you have to sit with the clients you can have a standing or walking meeting with your colleagues.

In this way, you would also be doing a physical exercise along with talking about the important stuff. It would be a good change for your co-workers too and would definitely encourage more creativity.

Stretch Regularly

If you are unable to act upon all of the 3 suggestion above to remain active in the office you can are still not doomed.

You can fulfill the need of a physical activity for your body by stretching regularly.

Even if you are sitting in your office chair you can move your neck, arms, and legs. Here are few of the exercises you can apply:

  1. Roll your head from side to side for few minutes and stretch your arms.
  2. Stretch your legs and try to touch your feet for few times.
  3. Put your hands on your knees and try to touch them with your chin before moving back to your sitting posture and repeating the process again for few minutes.


If you are able to follow these steps regularly for few days you will feel the difference yourself.

You will be more active and more energetic towards your work.

These small routine changes can pave a way for you to avoid being stressed in the office.

Add more physical activity in your daily routine to avoid the chronic diseases.

Prevention is always better than cure because no matter how much money you have it is impossible to buy health once you have lost it.


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