4 Reasons Why Telecom Industry Needs a CRM

Telecom CRM

Happy customers share their experience with the people they know but the same applies to the unhappy customers and sadly the negative reviews have twice the reach as compared to positive ones.

We are competing in a market where companies rise and fall through Linked In, Twitter, Instagram etc. with just one incident being reported by a customer and shared worldwide.

In this sort of competitive environment, it becomes necessary for every company to find tools and create strategies that could help them rise up to the occasion.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has the ability to track each and every interaction you have with your customers through different channels.

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It can also analyze these interactions and provide you with valuable insights to improve the overall performance of your team. Here are 4 reasons how a telecom company can benefit through a CRM.

1.      Analyze Your Competitors

The telecom industry is an extremely competitive industry as the old giants are trying their best to keep the big share of the market while new companies are emerging and making the situation difficult for the pioneer organizations.

The competitive analysis provides you with complete information like brand equity, distribution channels, post-purchase service, support, and customer exclusivity.

2.      A Future Perspective

A CRM provides can provide a telecom company a future overview by analyzing the historical data and performance of the company in previous years.

A forecast of future trends and events can help any telecom company to prepare for the future beforehand.

The leading indicators can play a huge role in the future strategies.

A business leader can have a clear view of lead generation, pipeline value, missed opportunities and leads to get to the core of any problem in the sales.

3.      Instant Feedback

A CRM provides the sales manager a chance to track and analyze the individual performance of every sales individual.

An instant feedback can be provided to these representatives in order to improve their performance.

Even a little bit of information or guidance at the right time can play a huge part in securing a lead. Every bit of information not being passed could mean losing revenue.

4.      Minimizing the Risk

It could be really important for a company to do more with less.

In a telecom environment, the employees take over each other’s position regularly and during the process of one person taking over from another one a customer’s issue can be overlooked.

Such an oversight could mean missing sales targets and unhappy customers which aren’t good for any business.

You can easily reassign tasks and even be informed if you are missing out on something.

The managers can benefit from this feature and they can have a look at all the interaction between a customer and their employee to rectify any problem the moment it occurs.


The telecom industry is spreading fast! New technologies are coming in and new innovations are being discussed every day. Its high-time we keep up and bring our own innovations in the form of CRMs into the fold to help not only the industry but the customers as well.