4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Office Life

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We need to accept the fact that sitting in an office for a fixed number of hours every day can be a sickening experience even if you love your job.

Sitting with the same people in the same room every day doesn’t sound interesting, does it?

I’ve been working in an office for quite a while now and I’ve applied all of these techniques to make my office life better.

Although the love for my job is a plus point for me still any office worker can benefit from these tips.

We all need that ‘R n R’ trust me..

When you are planning to spend a number of years in an office environment why not make an effort to make it a memorable experience?

1.      Take Regular Breaks

There would’ve been a time when you couldn’t imagine someone sitting behind a desk for 8 hours but now it has become a routine matter for you.

Some days you could even miss your lunch break and it is understandable that you have to go an extra mile sometimes but you need to schedule breaks. Use your mobile or your system to notify you after every few hours that you need to relax for a bit.

Take a stroll in the office, talk to the office boy, have a chat with your colleagues or catch up with an old friend you’ve been missing lately.

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2.      Create a Daily Check List

After arriving at the office the first thing you need to do is create a checklist of your targets for that particular day.

Cancel out each target after achieving it and you would feel accomplished every time. I know it sounds a bit childish but it works.

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3.      Keep Your Corner Organized

You need to get rid of all the distractions that keep you busy apart from your regular duties in the office.

A messy desk isn’t just a distraction but it could also be an embarrassment for you.

It hardly takes few minutes to organize your desk and you don’t need anybody from your workplace to mention that to you. Buy an air plant or cute office supplies to give your desk a nice look.

4.      Initiate Conversations

Your chemistry with your co-workers can really impact your work experience. Instead of waiting for them to talk try to initiate a conversation yourself.

Try to crack jokes and have a laugh along with discussing ideas and learning from others.

I am not saying you have to get along with everyone but trust me you would find someone worthy of being your office mate.

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