4 Advantages of Using Knowledge Base Articles in Dynamics 365

4 Advantages of Using Knowledge Base Articles in Dynamics 365

Knowledge base is an often ignored feature of Dynamics 365. Despite the low-key presence KB articles could boost customer services by giving the customers much-needed information about your products and services. It certainly increases the trust on the product and services that any business offers. Not only you cone provide better customer services to your users it is possible to get a number of other advantages over competitors.

Here are 4 advantages of using Knowledge Base Articles in Dynamics 365.

1.    Keeping the Customers on Board

As we’ve described earlier that you cannot only add informative articles in Dynamic 365 but you can also update them. With every new feature’s addition or update in the system, it is easy to share the information with your customers. Your customers would have an official go-to place whenever they need to get any information about the solution you provided. You will be able to keep your customers engaged for a longer period of time and your customers would find answers to their queries more conveniently.

2.    Detailed Guidance

Another great feature of Knowledge Base Articles in Dynamics 365 is the possibility of adding images and videos to strengthen the message in the article. It gives a break to your customer care team who would have to otherwise deal with simple queries which can be solved by a simple explanatory video.

For example, if a new feature is being added into the system, a video containing suggestions on the use and effectiveness would get your message across in a better way. Reading just long paragraphs of technical information could be boring but a simple animated video could make the whole learning experience interesting for the user.

3.    Customer Satisfaction

It is important to guide the customers in the most effective way possible. You can answer the frequently asked questions in detail through these articles. So the users don’t have to ping your customer care team for simple inquiries that could be answered through these articles. This feature makes it easier for the businesses to answer their users in an accurate and detailed manner. Each step of the system can be explained properly with the help of How-to articles and videos.

4.    Increase Your Reach

Most people share the information they think is useful for the others around them. Word of mouth is one of the most rewarding marketing methodologies and it only comes with the trust of your customers. Your customers don’t have to wait for your team to pick their call now instead they can just log in to the system and get help from the knowledge articles (provided you have uploaded enough information).

Satisfied customers and Happy customers become brand ambassadors. Knowledge Base Articles is a sure fire way to boost your marketing and increasing your influence!