3 Ways to Reward Your Employees

3 Ways to Reward Your Employees

Everybody loves rewards and recognition at work and it definitely affects the productivity level of the employees.

Even if you are handing out bonuses to your team it isn’t enough for retaining them for a longer period of time.

You need to be creative as an employer to reward the employees in unique ways. Something that connects them with the company on an emotional level.

You cannot leave everything in the Human Resources Department because you are the “boss” and your presence or statement holds the highest value in the company.

We would like to suggest few unique reward suggestions that could make your employees feel more valuable.

1.      Celebrate Your Employees

It is really vital to celebrate the personal achievements of your employees in order to make them feel that they are more important than just being a resource for your company.

As a CEO you have to create a personal connection with the employees so they look up to you as a leader. Social connection plays a really important role in creating a sense of belonging and it can be created by interacting regularly with your team.


2.      Placing More Trust

The best way to reward employees is to place more trust in them. Award them with new responsibilities and extended roles to play inside the organization.

Make them realize that they have the potential to grow as a professional alongside the organization. Nowadays employees want to broaden their spectrum instead of just working in a specific role for years.

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3.      Promotions

One of the rewards the employees love the most is timely promotions as a result of their performance. Acknowledging the hard work of an employee creates a sense of positive competition among the team.

This process is generally known as “gamification”.

An incentive channelizes the positive energy of the team member to work harder individually as well as a team player.

Apart from just a cash incentive spending some memorable movements with your team can also be really productive.

Rewarding an employee with a designation proves that you trust the person which is better for his/her confidence.

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