3 Suggestions to Design a Productive Office

office productivity

Your work-space really matters because it directly affects you. The office environment impacts your mood, your performance, and your productivity.

For example, if you are sitting in a chair that’s uncomfortable you definitely won’t be able to work properly.

As an employee, you need to talk to your administration to provide you with an environment that can help you be more productive.

Here are 3 different suggestions that if implemented could really change the design of your office in a really positive manner.

Relaxation Corner

There should be a separate space for relaxation and it needs to have comfy furniture.

With a whole day of work anyone could be exhausted and relaxing for a bit can really energize you for the rest of the day.

It would be better if you can get some snacks, tea, and coffee too so you don’ have to go outside of the office to relax.

Such a relaxation corner can also be a great place to discuss something with colleagues while enjoying a cup of tea.

Natural Light

As the employees have to spend a lot of time inside the office they don’t have any exposure to natural light most of the days.

Such an environment could make everyone really lazy which could be solved by access to natural light as it increases alertness.

Your company needs to take care of creating a healthy office environment for its workers.

Try to have access to natural light in your working space in order to remain active and be more productive in the office.

Inspiring Art Pieces

The art pieces on the wall could really inspire and motivate the people working in the office.

You are highly encouraged to include art in your office and try to choose something that’s relatable to the work you do.

If you didn’t get a positive response from your office administration you can add color to your office space by having printing quotes, your family photos, or any art piece that inspires you to work harder.


Experiment with your office environment after getting a go-ahead from your office administration.

Include mugs, sticky notes, and photos on your desk.

Involve the other employees in such activities too.

Try to arrange a table game that can be placed inside the relaxation area.

Get yourself involved in different activities in your office space regularly so that you don’t get bored by just working continuously for a number of hours every day.