3 Sure Ways to Get a Raise

3 Sure Ways to Get a Raise

Increasing your income is one of the best ways to enhance your net worth apart from savings and investing wisely.

Almost half the year is gone and the people around you would have been talking about the annual reviews if you are an employee.

The companies would have already started to plan for their next year budgets as well as the employees who are going to get the raise.

Often it is confusing to ask for a raise but it is high time that you start thinking about it.

It could take some negotiations to achieve your desired raise so you need to start planning early for smooth execution.

You need a specific approach and get few things done before putting your demand in front of your manager.

We’ve approached a number of experts to get insights regarding smart ways to support your demand for an instant raise.

After a bit of research, we were able to come up with 3 smart ways to get a raise.

1.       Highlighting Achievements

You need to realize that it is high time you get out of the cliché of annual performance review based raise.

Remind your team lead or your manager what you have achieved in the past few months and how you’ve been a valuable part for the organization.

List down your accomplishments, responsibilities you’ve fulfilled, and the milestones you’ve achieved. Such a list would definitely give weight to your argument.



2.       Keeping Emotions Aside

Don’t bring emotional reason into asking for raise.

The moment you step into your manager’s office it is about your worth and performance for the company.

Talk about the bucks you’ve made for the company instead of any emotional reasons.

lets get practical

3.       You Deserve It

Make sure that you are confident enough about deserving a raise instead of needing it.

Bring data to support your claims and provide your manager with statistics that ensure you are a valuable part of the organization.

Take a look at all the previous issues regarding your performance and make sure they have been fixed.

Don’t put your head down instead ask about your future role in the organization to decide whether it is in compliance with your personal goals or not.

Understand your true value and communicate it properly to advocate that you deserve to be paid more for your job.

keep calm

Do you feel that these tips are useful for you or not?

What would be your recommendations in order to ask for a raise?

We would love to know your suggestions because learning never stops and maybe your insights could help other readers.

Just some of the tips off the top of our head. Instead of groveling at your boss’ feet, be practical and show your improvement in your work. I’m sure they’ll be happy to entertain your request

Don’t go all Terminator with the request though “Give me a raise if you want to live”…