3 Sure Ways for Improving Work-Life Balance

work life balance

Work-life balance can be a really difficult thing to achieve these days due to increasing economic pressure.

The quality of living is really suffering and the number of workers becoming a prey to tension and anxiety is rising every day.

The situation hasn’t only affected the employees but even the people in the managerial position and iconic celebrities are unable to find a healthy balance between their work and life.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business School, 94% of the professionals reported that they work for more than 50 hours a week

50% said that they work for more than 65 hours a week, seriously reading that made us think alot…

According to the Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo “You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you”.

In a quest of having everything we want we may lose really important things in our life.

In order to avoid such a situation we need to find a work-life balance and here are a few tips that could help you achieve this objective.

1.      No Need of Perfectionism

Due to the worldwide education system and the social norms “perfectionism” is something most of us try to achieve.

Whether it’s our daily routine or our work life nobody can be perfect.

Remain open to redirecting yourself according to your plans and needs as it wouldn’t allow you to ignore your family, friends, or even your work.

2.      Bring Healthy is a Priority

Always prioritize your health above everything.

If you are not well it isn’t good for yourself neither for your organization.

If you are suffering from a disease take a day or two off until you figure out the problem.

Visit a doctor after every few months for a checkup because prevention is always better than cure.

Feel the life around you and spend time with your family or your social circle as much as you can.

3.      Choose a Job that Excites You

If you do not like your job you can never be happy.

Spending 8 to 9 hours every day doing something that doesn’t excite you is going to be a really boring ride for you.

When you have to do it on a regular basis it will become unbearable after a while.

Spending time in figuring out your interest is much better than doing a job that is draining your energy every day.