3 Must-Have SugarCRM Integrations


With over a million users leveraging their business with SugarCRM, we have seen a growing demand of SugarCRM integrations with other applications which only makes sense because users around the world have experienced more streamlined processes in their business through these fusions. SugarCRM particularly is known and appreciated for its opensource nature and since its inception it has advertised itself as an opensource alternative to Salesforce therefore its natural for the users to adopt or migrate to SugarCRM in the quest for integrations and it may be the primary reason for using SugarCRM for many of their users. Based on our observation and the evaluation of these solutions and Ad-ons, we have chosen top three integrations that are “must-have” for organizations in almost all industry verticals.

1. QuickBooks

Here goes the first hit solution that has pulsed along the customers so well that almost all SugarCRM development and customization companies have added it to their list of products. You can either have a customized integration solution for QuickBooks and SugarCRM with the features of your choice or you can buy a plugin and install it to your SugarCRM system. Managing accounts with QuickBooks from within your SugarCRM makes it a very enjoyable experience that will change your way of running your business forever and for good.

2. Asterisks

If you are looking to use your CRM system with an opensource telephony software then Asterisk is the perfect choice. It enables you to make, answer, decline, schedule, record and automate all your incoming and outgoing calls from within SugarCRM. The caller IDs and relevant data can be synced with SugarCRM and everytime you make or receive a call from someone whose data is already in your CRM, their details will appear in the popup window. And this is not all, there is a variety of features that you can benefit from using this integration. You can find out more about it Here.

3. MailChimp

Even after everything that has hit the market promising return on investment, Email marketing remains the best ROI generating tool with the maximum output. MailChimp is the simplest and easiest available option for the Email marketing as it allows you to visit subscribers profiles, view their activity and send automated emails to the targeted audience. You can schedule your emails for the best time across the different time zones and spread your message. Another great part of SugarCRM integration with MailChimp is that you can sync the data of both applications (one way or two way sync is for you to decide) and send customized emails for which the templates can be made in both systems. The unified and centralized data repository makes it one of the most desirable email marketing solution for CRM users.

You can try these solutions out and see how it works for your business in terms of productivity and ease of operations. And if you want to see another integration in the top 3 list then feel free to post a comment or email at info@localhost and let us know your choice.


  1. Is there a way to integrate multiple quickbooks that are installed on computers to SugarCRM and have it sync all the information from multiple quickbooks in the SugarCRM.

    Example: We have multiple clients that have their own version of quickbooks installed on their computers and we trying to the information from each individual quickbooks to our sugarCRM.

    Ryan Woods

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