10 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Customers

10 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Customers

Everyone knows that we should ‘engage customers’, but we rarely talk about how and why.

Today, there are a number of ways to connect with your customers. Social media, blogs, trade shows, phone calls, and the list goes on. But, we have to identify which ways are the most effective? Some customers may prefer to be contacted via emails, or others may want to have face-to-face meetings. So before jumping into investing money on a particular platform, first identify how your customers want to be contacted or engaged. 

Here are some of the ways to stay connected with your customers. 

1- Provide exceptional customer service

Every interaction with the customer is important. Whether it is pre-sale interaction, the actual sales process, support, or billing, provides an opportunity to add value to your product and company. 86% of the customers quit doing business with a company due to bad experience. Hence, it is extremely important for a business to approach every support interaction as an opportunity to acquire, retain, or upsell. 

2- Use newsletters

According to Stan C. Kimer, president of ‘Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer’, ‘send out a newsletter about 10 times a year’. There must be a table of contents up front so people must take 2 to 3 seconds to scan it, a few short articles and links to useful resources included. 

3- Survey your customers

Surveys allow companies to identify and understand the user needs directly, which provides assistance to VOIP consumers. Companies can easily steer their offerings according to the customers’ needs. Surveys are always helpful for both the company and customers, providing a platform for prospective customers to speak out their needs/wants. 

4- Use social media

Interacting with your customers has now become a need more than ever. If your customers can’t come to you, go to them where they are. Social media is a great way to reach your customers and keep them updated on your business. It can be any of the popular social media platforms or all including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Stay connected with your customers via social media

5- Organize webinars

Webinars are a great way to keep the color in your customer relationship. If you want to get customers interested in your webinar, invite industry leaders to speak on a topic your customers want to hear. 

6- Go visit 

According to a SAS survey of marketers, the most effective channel for customer engagement in the past three years was ‘’face-to-face’’. Despite digital technology transforming the way businesses interact with the customers and prospects, physical interactions are still the strongest among all. Sitting down with the customer allows you to describe your product and its value in a most impactful way. 

7- Pick up phone calls 

There is nothing more direct than picking up the phone and calling a customer or client. Responding to the customers over the phone, whether for general inquiries, apologizing on a complaint, or asking for the order, provides you with a more personalized customer relationship. Phone calls also provide instant feedback from customers. 

8- Monitor review sites 

Always check what your customers are saying about your business. It lets you know the areas of improvement, continuously. Moreover, responding to customer reviews on multiple sites shows that the company is aware of the problems that customers are facing and is trying to fix it. Instead of picking a fight or being defensive, always try to understand the customer issues and offer to fix them. 

9- Go mobile 

In today’s times, almost everyone is carrying a mobile device, allowing them to access anything at any time. The use of text messages/SMS is the most instant and cost-effective medium to communicate with your customers. Moreover, providing them an app that can be integrated with location technology, allowing personalized and automatic delivery of messages to consumers near you, can make a huge difference. 

10- Empower salespersons 

Salespeople have the power to make or break the business, especially when it comes to the retail experience. It is very important to empower them with additional information beyond what customers can find online. Salespeople feel confident and productive when they have access to real-time answers. 

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