10 Reasons You Should Look Forward To Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Release


The much anticipated Microsoft dynamics CRM 2016 release has a variety of new features and Microsoft has announced it as their “most comprehensive CRM release”. With a statement like this, it is just natural for people to wonder about what is so special in dynamics CRM 2016 that makes it most comprehensive. The progression is basically emphasized on the following CRM aspects:

• Improved mobile experience
• Seamless integration of third party applications
• Improved business intelligence and analytics

Below is the first look at the top 10 features of Microsoft dynamics CRM 2016:

1. Office Delve in CRM:

office delve

Powered by Office Graph, Office allows you to view the latest trending and the relevant content within the CRM. You can see the required information without having to do manual search on multiple search engines, Office Delve makes it just so easy for you. This feature aims at increasing productivity with quicker availability of relevant information so you can make more informed decisions.

2. One Seamless Microsoft experience:


Ever wished you could unify all the useful applications of Microsoft to make your life easier? This is what Microsoft one connected brings you in the 2016 release. You don’t have to open multiple windows to use the functionality of different applications. This feature allows you to open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, SharePoint documents and other applications with the CRM so you can see a well-connected picture in a single window.

3. CRM app for Outlook:

CRM app for outlook

Get ready for the enhanced surfacing of information directly in your inbox via CRM app for outlook. Although you can access Outlook from CRM already but this new feature is going to add a lot more value to your CRM and Outlook experience with direct email display in your inbox. If you’re accustomed to mobile CRM apps, you can get support for Firefox, Outlook and Safari for Mac. This feature will allow you to track and add contacts from within the emails in CRM on their mobile browsers. The update is however specific to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

4. Cortana Integration:


In the previous versions of Microsoft dynamics CRM you could only create contacts, search records and schedule meetings using Cortana integrations but the 2016 version makes it far more exciting by allowing you to embed accounts, sales activities and opportunities. Like CRM app for Outlook, this feature too is specific to Microsoft dynamics CRM Online.

5. Improved Mobile UI:


Again, if you don’t like the boring look of mobile user interface in dynamics CRM, you got another reason to celebrate 2016 version. You’ll get 15 unique types of display controls that you can associate with data fields. The basic aim of this new UI is to maximize the visualization of the data.

6. Excel Improvements:

excel enhancements

In the previous version of dynamics CRM you could open the excel sheets directly in CRM by integrating excel with CRM. This feature is being improved by the addition of new excel templates for analysis within the CRM context. A better analysis and user experience will essentially lead to increased productivity.

7. Guided User Experience:


Training is no longer an issue in Microsoft dynamics CRM 2016 as its offering a guided user experience to train the new users about how to use the CRM. The guides are available for all roles and the users will be shown around all the features and functionalities that are specific to their roles. Now that’s going to make a lot people heave a sigh of relief.

8. Mobile Document Management:

A unified user experience is the core emphasis of dynamics CRM 2016. You will be allowed to open any and all documents in mobile app of CRM and enjoy the seamless experience without having to switch between the windows. Given that you can also integrate documents from Sharepoint and OneDrive with CRM, this feature is definitely going to help a lot of people with their mobile CRM’ing.

9. Auto Generation of Documents:

Create personalized Word and Excel documents and embed them in CRM without any extra clicks or manual data extraction.

10. Mobile Device Management:

The next release will integrate Microsoft InTune with CRM which can help you secure the data for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). With this feature you no longer have to worry about the data security.