10 Reasons Why You Should Use the Microsoft Dynamics 365

10 Reasons Why You Should Use the Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud service platform providing a 360-degree vision of insights and accelerating business operations. The Dynamics 365 tools help sales and marketing teams to work effectively and stand out amongst the competition. With this excellent CRM system, you don’t need to have CRM infrastructure concerns as Microsoft does the heavy lifting for you through their Azure solution. Dynamics 365 supports businesses of all sizes and improves their productivity with digital transformation. 

Here are the 10 best reasons why you should choose MS Dynamics 365

1- Business Insights 

Power BI provides real-time reporting of KPIs. Understand the sales performance and strengths and weaknesses of your business processes with data visualization. It provides you with data-driven decision-making tools. 

2- Automate your Processes

Using Dynamics 365 workflows, you can stop performing repetitive manual tasks. You can qualify leads using set criteria. 

3- Manage Relationships

Dynamics 365 manage your relationship within and outside of the business through all your connected apps in one location. 

4- Excellent User Interface 

Microsoft has invested considerable resources in developing products with similar user interface principles. So, if you want to adopt Dynamics 365 and use Windows already, then it wouldn’t be difficult for your team to use this. 

5- Centralised Data

With Dynamics 365, your data gets centralized by integration with other apps, external data sources, and cloud services. This includes email marketing, websites, databases, surveys, etc.  

6- Accessibility

With all your daily use apps connected with Dynamics 365 available for iOS, Android, and Windows, you can develop your business anywhere. 

7- Secure Data

Microsoft prefers customer data privacy and thus maintains security from within clouds UK data-centers. 

8- Deep Integration 

Microsoft easily integrates their other platforms which increases productivity. Thus dynamics 365 can leverage applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook to increase benefits. 

9- Regular Updates 

Microsoft has a huge team of resources dedicated to Research and Development for Dynamics 365 providing regular updates to organizations. 

10- Flexible Pricing 

With Dynamics 365, you don’t pay for the utilities you don’t need. You only pay for what you actually look for, it can be paying per user or paying per month.