10 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

10 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Email Marketing has become the only way to reach the maximum number of people than ever before. Whether it’s small business or enterprise, every business can make new customers and improve customer retention by using email marketing. 

But what if you are lacking best practice in email marketing? We can help you with the common email marketing mistakes that small business owners are making these days and how to avoid them.


1- Boring Subject Line 

One of the most crucial aspects of successful email marketing is an attractive and meaningful subject line. Studies show that almost 50% of people tend to open an email due to compelling subject lines. 

The subject line is the first impression that you put on someone’s mind about your email. It must be attractive enough to grab someone’s attention so that they open your email. You need to keep your subscribers in your mind while writing a subject line. See what works more for you, you may try conversational, personal and creative subject lines. 


2- Delaying in sending campaign 

The most noticeable and common mistake businesses do is to spend more time on social media, SEO and keep the email campaigns in delay. This makes your business slow and boring in subscribers’ inbox. Try to be active and pay more attention to keeping the campaigns alive. 

Regardless of the fact, how many subscribers you lose and gain while previous campaign, you must start a new campaign targeting even the same subscribers. Existing subscribers are already familiar with your brand so the probability of selling is more in existing subscribers than the new ones. There is no reason to hold off then.  


3- Keeping a bad list 

Bounced emails and spam scores are something to take very seriously. This may happen due to many reasons like typos in an email address, the domain expires or the recipient having full inbox. High bounce rates badly affect your business. That’s why email service providers pay more attention to bounce rates and look into the list of email addresses to resolve the problem if any. The recipient may mark your emails as spam after seeing a bundle of junk emails, need to be aware of that too.  


4- Not segmenting subscribers

If you are sending the same email to large numbers of subscribers at the same time, then you are definitely going the wrong way. Everyone has different needs and requirements. Some want to know promotions and coupons and others may want to have your newsletter. Some want to get the information related to products to young ones and some want to hear more from you about older people. So the most important factor to deal with email marketing is to segment your list of subscribers and send them different emails according to their demand. 


5- Sending an email at a wrong time 

Businesses don’t consider this as a mistake, but with the passage of time, it becomes a mistake that affects your whole email marketing poorly. The best way to track your email timing is by open rate, check how many people are opening your email. If no one is opening your email then you are wasting your time by doing wrong.

Analyze the best suitable time to send the email campaign that may be the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am. After a few months, try at a different time and track the feedback and open rates. Eventually, you will get to know which time works more for you.  


6- Ignoring your analytics

If you are making new campaigns timely, sending them to a more refined list of subscribers at the perfect time and not tracking your emails then the efforts are just time-consuming. It is equally important to see how well your emails are doing to send them. See what subscribers do after opening your email, are they even clicking on the provided links or not. Analytics will help you to improve your email marketing strategy. 


7- Not personalizing emails 

It is very important to engage the audience to get the best output from your email marketing. For this purpose, you must create personalized emails. Personalized is all from segmentation to the name of the recipient on the subject line. By sending segmented emails along with personalized content, there could be better chances for your business to engage more with the audience.


8- Not welcoming new subscribers

When somebody comes to your website and sign up for newsletters, it has become a subscriber. It is now your responsibility to engage that subscriber. Most of the businesses wait for the new more subscribers to send the same email so that they can do other things meanwhile, But this is a wrong concept, you must send a new subscriber welcome email so that he may feel special and honored. This makes a relationship of you with subscribers and they tend to open your emails more likely. 


9- Unprofessional looking emails 

Business owners don’t pay attention to creativity these days. They just send a campaign having their boring information and the thing of their own interest. This is the mistake that needs to be avoided so quickly because if you keep on sending the unprofessional emails, then the subscribers will more likely to mark your email as spam to not ever see such email, You need to be very professional, elegant and creative in your emails. 


10- Not Automating your email marketing 

 The biggest mistake that businesses do these days is not having an automated system for email marketing. Consider letting someone manage your email marketing in a more strategic and automated way so that you can pay attention to all other things related to your business. SugarCRM has proved to be the best fit email marketing for numbers of the business. 


Whatever you do, try to avoid common mistakes that may create hurdles in your success. The right approach to email marketing will definitely be rewarded soon.